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Satellite Broadband in France Working with expats since 2002
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Tooway & SES Astra Satellite Broadband in France

If you live in an internet blackspot or your landline service is slower & less reliable than you'd like satellite broadband may be the answer. With download speeds up to 22 Mbps and competitive pricing it is no wonder that so many people in France are turning to satellite broadband as the most effective solution.

We have been working with expats in France since 2002 - providing impartial advice about how satellite broadband can help deliver better speeds and stability. We will never try to hard sell a system to you - we simply try to provide honest advice to help you make the decision whether satellite broadband is right for you. If we believe that satellite is not right for your requirements we will tell you up front & let you know the reasons why.

Satellite Broadband for Permanent Residents, Businesses & Holiday Home Owners in France

As well as a range of packages to suit people who live permanently in France there are also flexible PAYG and no contract options available on both Tooway & SES Astra which are ideal for second home owners who do not need a permenent connection all year round. Tooway also has a number of Professional packages offering superior performance.

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