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SES Astra Satellite Broadband in France

SES Astra Connect is the newest satellite broadband service available in France & uses the latest hardware and antenna technology to provide unrivalled performance. With attractive monthly subscriptions and a Pay-As-You-Go option suitable for second home owners SES Astra Connect is a flexible and affordable choice for many.

Each package has a different ‘monthly data allowance’. The monthly allowance is the total amount of data that you can download from or upload to the internet. For example, every time you go to a web page or receive an email a certain amount of data is downloaded. If you download large files such as a music track or a photo attached to an email then this will use up more data. Streaming videos or music from the internet generally uses the most data of all.

If you use up all of your monthly data allowance then your service will be stopped and you will be redirected to the Europasat site where you have the option to purchase a 1GB of additional data for €12.95 (this can only be done once a month) or to upgrade to a higher package.
Upgrading can be done quickly - by the next working day & often within a few hours

Freezone *
to 20 Mbps
to 2 Mbps
3 GB
to 20 Mbps
to 2 Mbps
10 GB
to 20 Mbps
to 2 Mbps
20 GB
to 20 Mbps
to 2 Mbps
30 GB
to 20 Mbps
to 2 Mbps
50 GB
SES Equipment - Dish, Modem & cabling - €325
Optional Wireless Router (fully supported by Europasat) - €59.95
Optional standard wall mount - €39.95

Solutions for second home & holiday home owners

If you are not permanently at your property then you don't need to pay the monthly subscriptions for the periods you are not there. As you are not tied in to any long term contract - just a rolling 30 day agreement - you can simply stop your service by giving 30 days notice. When you want to start the service again this can be done within a couple of working days. You will be charged an activation fee of €29.95 each time you reconnect. You will only be able to reconnect to one of the current packages currently being offered and this may not be exactly the same as the one you were previously on.

Another option is to opt for the Pay As You Go service. The equipment costs are the same as those shown above but you will pay a one-off activation fee of €29.95 and then purchase data as required for €7.75 per GB through your on line account. There are some limitations to the PAYG option - download speeds are up to 10Mbps and upload speeds up to 1 Mbps. Also top-ups expire on a set day each month (one month after the initial purchase) and not one month from purchase.

Can I get unlimited night time usage?

The SV10 and SV20 packages already include unlimited night time data usage between 11pm and 7am French time. That means any data used between those times will not count towards your monthly total. This makes it an ideal time to schedule large downloads, updates etc.

For other packages this Freezone option can be added at the prices shown on the table above. Freezone is not available for the PAYG package.

What about delivery?

The equipment will be delivered free of charge to a UK address – normally on the next working day. Shipping to France costs €30 and delivery normally takes 4 to 5 working days.


The system is designed for self-installation if you have reasonable DIY skills. If you want the equipment professionally installed this typically costs in the region of €180.00 to €250.00. We will be happy to provide the installation guide in advance to help you decide if DIY installation is possible.

Through our experience across France over the past 14 years we have built up a network of experienced installers covering most areas of the country. If you would prefer to have your system professionally installed we may  be able to put you in contact with somebody who can help.